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Small paintings born in observations that attract the eye and mind.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Lavender Bay on New Years Day 2012

lavender bay sydney australia fred marsh oil canvas
Lavender Bay, Sydney
8 x 8 inches (20 x 20 cm), Oil on canvas
$175 plus $25 shipping and insurance ($18 in Australia)

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On New Years day I had lunch at a friends apartment which has a magnificent view over Lavender Bay and the western side of the Harbour Bridge.  I am interested in the different viewpoint that one sees from looking down on the subject. A couple of photos from the same viewpoint appear below

Here are a couple of previous paintings of Lavender Bay (both are sold)

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Katherine Tyrrell said...

Great view for a painting - well spotted! Plus I'd like to comment on your painting however your photo makes me feel a tad dizzy. Might I suggest you swop it for another photo of the painting which is in better focus as I'm sure this is the only thing stopping this painting from selling.

Fred Marsh said...

Thanks Katherine. You have discovered my new movement which I have christened "dizzyism", it seems to have had an effect.
The truth of the matter, is I didnt notice it. I guess my "glasses on" / "glasses off" habit with my short sightedness is confusing my judgement. Thanks again for pointing it out, it is now fixed and the age of "dizzyism" has passed into history - I hope.