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Friday, April 18, 2014

Paintings of Coogee - effect of light conditions on the subject

After all the rain in Sydney it was good to get out in the sun again.  Visited Coogee beach on a lovely sunny day and did a small watercolour of the bright light hitting the surf life saving club and hotel.
Coogee, Sydney, Australia
Watercolour, ink & gauche on Strathmore 300gsm
5.5 x 8.5 inches (14 x 21cm)
A few months ago I painted a larger oil showing the view just after the sun went down. The combination of the night light and ocean reflections provided stunning light & atmosphere.  Although the two were painted from a different viewpoint, they both feature the surf life saving club on the left and the Grand Pacific private hotel with the Barzooka restaurant to the right of it. (which incidentally is recommended for lunch and dinner)
Coogee Evening
Oil on Canvas
24 x  24 inches (60 x 60cm)
The same subject with two very different light conditions -  the uniqueness of a painting is very much about the prevailing light and atmosphere. Any views?
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